Specialized Bikes

Specialized Bicycles
Action Wheels carries a full selection of Specialized bicycles for all types of riding:
Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Hybrid/Comfort Bikes, BMX Bikes & Kid's Bikes.

Specialized Road Bikes

Specialized Ruby
With a mix of comfort, performance, and value, the Ruby is the perfect stee...
Specialized Dolce Sport
We're adamant that if you feel like riding somewhere, your bike should be a...
Specialized Men's Tarmac Comp
Specialized's Tarmac Comp has what it takes to get you over the line first ...
Specialized CruX Elite X1
It's no secret that 'cross doesn't play favorites out on the course—only th...
Specialized Ruby Elite
Who said that performance and comfort don't mix? It sure wasn't us, because...
Specialized Roubaix Elite
When you're rolling smoother, you're rolling faster. And regardless of if y...

Specialized Mountain Bikes

Specialized Men's Pitch Sport 27.5
We know that picking a mountain bike can be a bit of daunting process, with...
Specialized Hellga Expert
Don’t hold back, Specialized’s Hellga Expert is ready to give you the ultim...
Specialized Men's Camber Comp Carbon 29 - 1x
While big travel trail bikes are pretty awesome, they aren't always the bes...
Specialized Fatboy Carbon Frameset
Specialized’s Fatboy Carbon Frameset has all the fun of a fat bike with the...
Specialized Fatboy 20
Get your kids in on the fatbike fun with the Specialized Fatboy 20. It feat...
Specialized Women's Pitch Comp 27.5
Over the course of your rides, you've surely felt the call of a trail or tw...

Specialized Hybrid/Comfort Bikes

Specialized Ariel Hydraulic Disc
Safety and control—two things that can be top-of-mind when heading out to g...
Specialized Women's Sirrus Elite Alloy
If you're looking to find a partner along your path to fitness, we'd like t...
Specialized Alibi
How many times have you been ready to ride, only to be confronted with a fl...
Specialized Crossroads Step-Through - Women's
Here's the road to a fit, healthy lifestyle. Specialized's Crossroads is st...
Specialized Men's Diverge E5 Elite
We're adamant believers that you needn't have an elitist's budget to feel l...
Specialized Alibi C
Spend less time performing maintenance and more time enjoying the fresh air...