Giro Bicycle Helmets For 2005

The Atmos is Lance's lid!The Atmos has aggressive styling and 21st-century features to please even the greatest cyclist today, Lance Armstrong. Giro crafted the Atmos with a whopping 26 vents and Wind Tunnel technology to pull cool air in and blow hot air out. Then they made this lid super durable with Giro's Roll and Rib cage technologies to protect your head when you need it most. Plus, they made sure the Atmos had a super fit with 3 sizes and their trusted Roc Loc 4 fit system.

Wind Tunnel ventilation is Giro's proprietary system of internal channels and active vents that force cool, fresh air over and around your head while exhausting heat and stale air out the back of the helmet. It's a difference you can see and feel everytime you ride.

The Giro Pneumo is featherweight and cool as a cucumber!

With its internal Roll Cage reinforcement and rugged In-mold construction, the Pneumo offers excellent protection no matter how fast you ride. Its 19 huge vents scoop air and channel it around your head for superb ventilation. And, the sculpted fit and Roc Loc 4 fit system will make you wonder if it wasn't your head that Giro used to design the Pneumo. In fact, the ventilation, light weight and superb fit are so impressive, you might wonder if you're wearing a helmet at all.

In-mold technology is the process of fusing a tough outer micro-shell to a helmet's internal EPS liner. By fusing the shell and liner, In-mold helmets are reinforced in crucial areas around the vents and ribs, resulting in lighter, cooler, tougher helmets.

The world of the modern-day freerider demands unwavering focus. And worrying about your head shouldn't distract you. The Xen is a full-coverage helmet with a color-matched and tunable Point of View visor for the ultimate in protection and visibility. The Xen, with its Wind Tunnel ventilation and feathery weight is the ideal helmet. And even the most devout extremists will be impressed with the style!
The Giro Xen is the perfect safety net for freeriders!

Giro's RocLoc 4 is an incredibly advanced fit system providing exceptional comfort and security. It features separate tensioning and positioning adjustments plus a soft rubber over-molded fit belt that hugs your head in luxury and keeps the Xen perfectly in place over even the roughest terrain.

Take it to the limit in the Giro Animas!

If your marathon off-road adventures take you to the back of beyond, the Animas is for you. Its split In-mold shell provides added protection in the rear without added weight, and the Point-of-View (P.O.V.) visor adjusts to suit ride conditions. Giro's Roc Loc 4 fit system keeps the Animas comfortably in place over rocky sections and the 27 vents keep you cool when the going gets hot. Plus, the Animas weighs only 10.5 ounces. It's so light, you won't even know it's there.

Giro's Point Of View visor features their patented internal clutch, which allows 15 degrees of vertical adjustment and anchors the visor securely to the helmet to prevent it from rattling and loosening over rough roads and trails.

The Skyla is so beautiful, even the wind whistles when it passes by. Even better, this great bicycle helmet is designed specifically for women from the ground up. Giro dialed-in their Acu-Lok system for a custom fit. Plus, the Skyla features plenty of wide vents and a visor for excellent ventilation and comfort. You'll love how this helmet feels like it's hardly there even when you're rolling up the miles.

The Giro Skyla is made for women!

The Giro Mad Max II offers maximum protection! Studies have shown that gravity is as merciless as it is unavoidable. That's why Giro created the Mad Max II. It provides superior protection thanks to its full-face, hand-laid fiberglass shell (the Black/Carbon model sports a carbon-fiber shell). Plus it offers super-cool ventilation, a bolt-on moto visor and a plush liner. It's the perfect bike helmet for freeriding and BMX.

The Rodeo is a perfect round-up of function and fun styling. Its strong, ventilated shell provides excellent protection for growing heads. Giro's Acu-Loc fit system is so comfortable your child will want to wear the Rodeo all the time. Plus, there's a built-in visor to protect young eyes from the sun and a bug-net to keep buzzing things out of the vents.

Kids love the Giro Rodeo!

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