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Help Stop Bill A1251!

Talking Points and Action Plan

Moriarty is at it again, resurrecting the tabled bill to ban QRs in NJ. We need your help to shut it down.

The new bill is A1251 and has been referred to the Assembly Consumer Affairs Subcommittee.

We are asking everyone to contact their representatives, but especially those individuals who live in District 4 to contact Moriarty directly or who live District 5 to contact Consumer Affairs Chair Nilsa Cruz-Perez.

District 4 Clementon, Franklin Twp, Glassboro, Gloucester Twp, Laurel Springs, Lindenwold, Monroe Twp, Newfield, Pitman, Washington Twp

District 5 Audubon, Barrington, Bellmawr, Brooklawn, Camden, Deptford Twp, Gloucester, Haddon Hts, Hi- Nella, Lawnside, Magnolia, Mount Ephraim, Runnemede, Somerdale, Stratford, Westville, Woodbury, Woodbury Hts, Woodlynne

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18 Somerdale Rd Blackwood NJ 08012 856-227-5900

Here are some talking points and an action plan to use when talking to your representatives.

Talking points:

New Jersey Assembly Bill No. A1251 would make it
illegal to sell any bicycle including ADULT bicycles  
with current quick releases;

-     It is  wrongly promoted as being directed only to
children's bicycles;

-     This will have an immediate, significant, adverse
impact on:

a.    New Jersey Bicycle consumers

b.    New Jersey Bicycle dealers

None of the bicycles currently on the market could
meet the standard in Assembly Bill A1251

-     This would IMMEDIATELY shut down the bicycle
retail business in New Jersey
-     The Bill would require a quick release retention
system on adult bikes that:

     a.   Works AUTOMATICALLY

     b.    ALWAYS retains the wheel

There is no commercially available system that meets
this impossible standard.

-The Quick Release has been in use for over 50

-On today's commercial bicycles, bikes with Quick
Releases also come with redundant retention.

-A properly used Quick Release is SAFER than a
bicycle with a bolted axle.

Assembly Bill A1251 is ill advised because:

a. It is not directed only at Children's bikes;

b. It will shut down the New Jersey Bicycle

c. It will be pre-empted by Federal Law that already
regulates bicycles quick releases.

Action Plan:

The Bill should be tabled so that its full implications can be understood.

...find your representative(s) -

 Email Consumer Affairs Chair Nilsa Cruz-Perez .

16 June 2007

Hello again,

I've received emails concerning the new quick
release bill in NJ. There is some confusion about
whether it includes adult bicycles. It does, trust me.

I have included a news article and a copy
of the bill. Read up then take action. You
should contact YOUR state representative. (Follow the
link below.) Please take
the few minutes required and help us defeat this action.

Article from 6.15.07 out of Trenton

also, please read last page, lines 9-11 of the link

New Jersey Passes Bill Banning Quick
 By Lynette Carpiet
JUNE 15, 2007 -- TRENTON, NJ (BRAIN)--The New
Jersey bicycle business may be in serious trouble
unless retailers and suppliers take immediate action.
State legislators earlier this week approved a bill
banning the sale of all bikes equipped with current
quick release wheels and tabbed tips.

 Under the bill, it would be illegal to sell bicycles with
quick release wheels unless they met performance
specifications that are not commercially available.
Assembly bill A2686, which was introduced in
February 2006, passed in the assembly with a vote of
77-3 and is now headed to the Senate Commerce

 While originally drafted to ban quick release wheels
on children's bikes, the bill was recently amended to
include bikes with 20-inch or larger wheels. It also
stipulates that the secondary retention device on a
wheel meet certain specifications, including that it
activate automatically and always prevent wheel

 "It's being promoted as a bill intended to protect
children," said Bob Burns, Trek's legal counsel and
spokesman for the Bicycle Product Suppliers
Association. "But the language would make every
bicycle with quick release currently for sale in New
Jersey illegal. This bill is not intended just for
children's bikes."

 Furthermore, Burns said there's currently no
secondary retention device on the market that would
comply with the bill. "No system always retains the
wheel," he said. "Even the bolted axle, if the bolts
aren't on right, the kid's in trouble. As of right now,
there's nothing on the floor that meets this definition
and nothing on the horizon that is commercially

 For the past year, the BPSA had been working with
Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, the bill's sponsor, on
alternate language that would not prohibit the use of
quick releases. The BPSA is now encouraging all
dealers to contact New Jersey state senators and
voice their opposition to the bill.

 While it's likely that the bill as written would be pre-
empted by federal regulations that currently define
how a quick release should perform, the law would
still be in effect until a successful legal challenge was
mounted in the courts.

 "Bicycles are regulated by the Feds. If you start
getting state-by-state regulation of bicycles, it will
make selling bicycles in the U.S. very burdensome
and extremely expensive for manufacturers and
retailers," Burns said.

 "We need to get the New Jersey Senate Commerce
Committee to listen to us and get them to consider
the impact the bill would have on the bicycle
business in New Jersey," he added.

The newest re-write of the bill is attached below. Go to
page two lines 9-11 to see that it WILL affect you.

...actual bill -

Legislators running amuck

send them an email

Or give them a call. Find out who represents you and
make it known that you disagree with the current bill
A2686 as it sits. These are the sponsors of the bill, not
necessarily your representative.

Assemblyman Bramnick  ph# 908-232-3673

Assemblyman Gusciora ph# 609-292-0500

Assemblywoman Voss ph# 201-346-6400

Assemblyman Mayer ph# 856-227-5900

Assemblyman Moriarty  ph # 856-232-6700 Moriarty and Mayer by email -



The Current Status of A2686 - 6/14/2007 Received in the Senate, Referred to Senate Commerce Committee
Senate Commerce Committee Members
Chair Nia Gil - D Montclair

Vice Chair Nicholas Scutari - D Linden

Gerald Cardinale R-Cresskill

Ray Lesniak - D Union

Robert Singer - R Jackson


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